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Mallentech NOx Sensors

Mallentech NOx sensors were developed by a team of exhaust sensor experts at Mallentech Group in Troy, Michigan. They match the OEM performance of original sensors with applications for a wide variety of diesel engine trucks. The sensors are built with advanced materials and technology to provide outstanding performance and longevity. Advanced manufacturing processes and rigorous quality control measures have been implemented to ensure all sensors meet or exceed OEM requirements.

Since 2012, Mallentech has provided high quality advanced oxygen sensors and NOx sensors to OEM and aftermarket.

Robust Design

Mallentech NOx sensors are designed and optimized to achieve OEM equivalent emission and durability requirements.  They have undergone extensive testing and validation to ensure proper performance and peak reliability. 

Design Verification and Testing

Mallentech sensors have undergone extensive design verification process and testing, including functional, electrical, mechanical, environmental, and durability testing.

On-the-line and end-of-the-line quality control testings are implemented throughout the manufacturing process. Each NOx sensor is individually calibrated to match OEM sensor performance.

Advanced Materials

Mallentech NOx sensing elements are made with advanced multi-layered ceramic materials that are sintered at 1500C.  The control units are sealed in high strength aluminum housings with anti-leak , heat-resistant gel. The wiring harness is protected with a heat-resistant sleeve.

Exact Fit

Mallentech NOx sensors fit diesel powered vehicles just like the OEM parts.  All components and hardware are included to restore the vehicle to peak performance and get the vehicle back on the road.