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Mallentech Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Sensors

Mallentech NOx sensors were developed by a team of exhaust sensor experts at Mallentech Group in Troy, Michigan. They match the OEM performance of original sensors with applications for a wide variety of diesel engine trucks. The sensors are built with advanced materials and technology to provide outstanding performance and longevity. Advanced manufacturing processes and rigorous quality control measures have been implemented to ensure all sensors meet or exceed OEM requirements.

The Mallentech Group develops, manufactures, and markets engine management and engine control components.  Products include nitrogen oxide (NOx) sensors, oxygen sensors, and diesel particulate filters (DPFs) for OEM and aftermarket replacement markets.

Based in Metro Detroit, the Mallentech Group team is proud of its extensive experience in OEM design and deep engineering expertise.  Mallentech is committed to high quality products, world-class service, and innovative solutions for its customers.