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The Mallentech Group develops, manufactures, and markets engine management and engine control components.  Products include nitrogen oxide (NOx) sensors, oxygen sensors, and diesel particulate filters (DPFs) for OEM and aftermarket replacement markets.

Based in Metro Detroit, the Mallentech Group team is proud of its extensive experience in OEM design and deep engineering expertise.  Mallentech is committed to high quality products, world-class service, and innovative solutions for its customers.

Leadership Team

Earl Lankheet

Earl is Mallentech's Director of Automotive Sensors. Prior to join Mallentech, Earl had led the development of several exhaust gas sensors at Delphi Corporation in Flint, Michigan. Particularly, Earl was Principal Investigator of Delphi's NOx sensor program. Earl hold 12 patents in exhaust sensor design, fabrication, and testing. Earl earned MS in EE and MS in ME from University of Michigan - Ann Arbor.

Fred Kennard

Fred is Director of Advanced Material and Sensor Element. Prior to Join Mallentech, Fred worked as Senior Staff Scientist at Delphi Corporation in Flint, Michigan, leading sensor element design and material set. Fred holds 15 patents in sensor design, advanced materials, and manufacturing processes. Fred earned his Ph.D in Ceramics from the Pennsylvania State University in College Park, PA.

Steve Chen

Steve is Mallentech's Director of Manufacturing and Customer Care. Prior to join Mallentech, Steve worked as Powertrain Program Manager at Ford Motor Company, where Steve led development of diesel aftertreatment system. Steve holds 4 patents in sensor design , fabrication and diesel aftertreatments. Steve earned his Ph.D in ME from University of Missouri and MBA from University of Michigan.

Hao Zhong

Hao is General Manager of Mallentech (Shanghai) Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. Prior to join Mallentech, Hao was Vice General Manager of Nantong AirBlue Automotive Sensor Co. Ltd. in Jiangsu, China. Hao is a highly respected expert in exhaust sensor development, advanced material, and manufacturing processes. Hao earned his MS in Chemistry from Xiamen University, and his Ph.D from Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan.